Workshop Pension agreement - succesfull

Our Pension Workshop was a success - the attendees are now aware and more importantly, were able to debate with each other and experts about questions and the inevitable dilemmas. As a Synergo, it has given us more insight into the opinions of our members. Our representatives in the forums at VCP, and in negotiations with our social partners, are more prepared.

The most important findings of the workshop:

  • more than 40 participants, members of Synergo but also non-members, and an excellent contribution from specialists in the subject matter,
  • our members in the Delft and Emmen / Zwolle region will be updated at the beginning of 2020,
  • here the presentation (excuse, is in Dutch) in which the content of the pension agreement, the dilemmas and the time schedule for the follow-up process,
  • it is an agreement in principle, is further elaborated in nine working groups, Synergo is represented through our umbrella organization VCP, the working groups must be ready in the course of 2020, the parliament will have to move in 2021 and it must be introduced in 2022 .. .
  • the core is the abolition of the average system “Doorsnee Sysatematiek”, the pension accrual is then no longer based on a uniform accrual for young and old as now, but on a uniform premium with a higher accrual for young people and a lower for older members. However, the transition will require large amounts to compensate for the age group of forty and older,
  • many uncertainties, dilemmas, compensation for groups that are disadvantaged by the abolition of the average system,
  • employers are obliged to make choices for their pension fund and draw up a transition plan,
  • this is going to cost money, also due to the persistently low interest rates ... if premium increases are on the agenda, this is the time to bet on a larger wage margin. Many companies have been doing very well for a long time, shareholders are fully benefiting. It is time for employees to participate. In addition, it will also be clear to companies that something must be done about pensions (including premiums, compensation).
  • an exciting and challenging period is starting for the trade unions !!!! and for the employees .....
  • our Synergo Pension Committee has sufficient knowledge and experience to be able to follow national developments and to translate this into what this means for the Pension Funds of our members. We are also well represented in the VCP pension working group (via Dirk van den Bos) where we contribute our opinion and gain knowledge to be able to negotiate proactively.

The actual status of the developments on national level can be read in the newsletters of VCP:

Contribution declaration - how to handle

At the end of the year it is important to collect the Contribution Statement and return it to your employer.

  1. Ga naar de website van VHP2
  2. Naar de blauwe "Login Mijn VHP2", rechtsboven
  3. Inloggen met je mailadres en zelf gekozen wachtwoord
  4. Volg de aanwijzingen
  5.  .... en controleer en wijzig meteen je lidmaatschapsgegevens ....



The method to be followed (also see imahges below):    

  1. Go to the website of VHP2
  2. Go to the blue button "Login Mijn VHP2", at top right of the page,
  3. Login with your mailadress and password,
  4. and follow the instructions,
  5. .... and immediately check and change your membership details

Good luck

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