Legal support

Legal assistance

Synergo-vhp provides legal assistance to its members regarding employment conditions, income, pension and legal position. Assistance varies from support, advice and mediation to, in extreme cases, legal proceedings.

The annual contribution for your membership is approximately equal to the premium for a module “Work and Income” with many insurers.

Below we indicate which topics may give rise to legal assistance:

Employment relations: appointment, assessment, promotion, internal application, dismissal, severance arrangements, disciplinary sanctions.

Terms of employment: salary, allowances, allowances, (holiday) leave, trade union facilities, overtime arrangements, application of social statutes, job evaluation.

Employment situation: conflict mediation, sexual harassment/unwanted behaviour, discrimination, issues related to mergers, privatization, corporatization, reorganisations, financial and personnel management.

To be eligible for our legal services, you must have been a member for at least six months with no pending lawsuit. More information about legal assistance can be found in the Synergo-vhp Legal Assistance Regulations.

If you want our help and assistance, please call our secretariat on 040 - 211 6 222 for an appointment.