Legal support for members and for non-members

Legal support by Synergo-vhp

Legal support by Synergo-vhp will be given, on our terms and conditions, to persons whose membership lasts for more than six months. Unless afterwards it turns out that the problem already existed before the membership started.

Legal support for non-members of Synergo-vhp

If the legal dispute existed before the start of the membership, or starts within the first six months of the membership, than the legal support needs to be approved by the board and we charge a registration fee of €1000,-. For this amount you are entitled to a maximum of 8 hours legal support of lawyers form our sister organization VHP2. In case more than eight hours are needed, then further support will be charged at €125,- per hour.

The registration fee is independent from our subscription fee, that has to be paid at the start of the membership. Besides this it obligatory to stay member during one year.