Legal assistance for our members

Synergo-vhp provides legal assistance to its members regarding employment conditions, income, pension and legal position. Assistance varies from support, advice and mediation to, in extreme cases, legal proceedings.

The annual contribution for your membership is approximately equal to the premium for a module “Work and Income” with many insurers.

Below we indicate which topics may give rise to legal assistance:

Employment relations: appointment, assessment, promotion, internal application, dismissal, severance arrangements, disciplinary sanctions.

Terms of employment: salary, allowances, allowances, (holiday) leave, trade union facilities, overtime arrangements, application of social statutes, job evaluation.

Employment situation: conflict mediation, sexual harassment/unwanted behaviour, discrimination, issues related to mergers, privatization, corporatization, reorganisations, financial and personnel management.

To be eligible for our legal services, you must have been a member for at least six months with no pending lawsuit. More information about legal assistance can be found in the Synergo-vhp Legal Assistance Regulations.

If you want our help and assistance, please call our secretariat on 040 - 211 6 222 for an appointment.

Legal assistance for non- members

First Orientation Question. Do you have an issue on which you would like (legal) advice from a trade union? Then you can also contact us as a non-member. Via our email address info@synergo-vhp.
Members are of course helped free of charge. Our contact persons or our board can quickly assist you with clarifying questions about terms of employment, redundancy, etc. If our lawyer has to look at it, the first half hour is on us. If it becomes a case that requires more time, we will indicate this and the following arrangement will apply, which still costs less than a lawyer from a law firm.
We would appreciate it if you seriously consider becoming a member after this. If there is a legal dispute that arose prior to the start of membership, or arises during the first six months of membership, then both the consent of the board and a registration fee of Є 750 are due for legal support. Six hours of legal assistance is provided for this. If the six hours are exceeded, Є 125.00 per hour will be due for the further service with regard to the dispute. If the dispute results in a settlement agreement, an employer's contribution for legal support is often stipulated. This will then be assigned to Synergo-vhp. In that case, the personal contribution of € 750 and any additional costs to be paid of € 125/hour will lapse, up to a maximum of the agreed employer's contribution.
The registration fee is separate from the contribution that in this case must be paid at the start of membership. In addition, one is obliged to remain a member for twelve months after the start of the dispute, in which case no contribution exemption applies for the first six months. Legal assistance by our organization is provided free of charge, up to a maximum set by regulations, to members who have been a member for more than six months. This insofar as it does not later appear that "the dispute" already existed before the start of membership. We also charge the agreed employer's contribution for legal support to the member in question for our members. Our board members can provide further explanation if desired.

If you want our help and assistance, please call our secretariat on 040 - 211 6 222 for an appointment.