Finger on the pulse

As a Union, we examine the most actual developments regarding optimum working conditions. We do this for every generation and for every phase in your career.

What you need, changes with time. Also employers are not standing still. Flexibility and individualization are magic words of this moment. They offer opportunities and nice challenges, however it makes people vulnerable.

We are working on:

  • Good collective working conditions
  • Good pension conditions for each generation
  • Defensible works councils
  • Structural solutions in conflicts
  • Getting stuck negotiations mobile again by providing alternative solutions
  • Networking and political lobbying: we take part in the public debate and we are represented in several consultative and umbrella councils. For instance VCP (Union for professionals), SER (Economic and Social Council, a governmental advisory board) and Stichting van de Arbeid (National work foundation)
  • Cooperation: by working together with several partners we can offer more and better services to our members.

Solidity by a good collective labour agreement (CLA)

We participate in CLA negotiations for over 45 years. For example we made collective labour agreements with DSM, SABIC, Arlanxeo, OCI, Stamicarbon, Sitech, Borealis and Sinochem. These collective agreements give a handhold. Besides this, we focus on a business approach, based on a confident attitude and rational considerations. If you appreciate this approach, contact us.