Update - Perfect result: we maintained our 4 seats in the works council.

We wish our delegates succes: Renaat Hennus, Johan van Dijnen, Tom Housmans and Rogier Buysse

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In the week of May 25th till June 4th 2021 a new Works Council will be elected. Synergo is represented by four of the 15 positions. And they do a lot of good work, their contribution is important in the advice on intended reorganisations and to adress structural problems from the workfloor.

First of all, we would like to call on everyone to actually vote! Through your vote you can voice that you support a powerful Works Council, which thus has a mandate from the vast majority of the employees of the SABIC Limburg BV. Every vote counts, because sometimes just a few votes make the difference. During the previous elections, this led to an extra seat in the council for Synergo-vhp.

By the way, did you know that …..

….. Synergo-vhp currently has 4 seats in the Works Council.

….. the target for the upcoming Works Council elections is to again go for 4 seats.

….. we have found 2 new candidates from different units for the eligible seats, by which we represent an even broader part of the SABIC Limburg BV population.

….. Synergo-vhp stands for transparency and win-win solutions: meaning less confrontational but rather success via dialogue.

….. Synergo-vhp has achieved the following in recent years:

  • more transparency towards the Works Council about the Salary Planning Tool and AIP;
  • continuing to stress the importance of a safe home office with landlords and management during the Corona crisis;
  • an active role in the development of a European Home Office Policy, for after the Corona crisis;
  • smoothing out both the rough edges of reorganizations and their implementation;
  • an active role in challenging the management in making a sustainable transition for the Geleen site, and not betting on just one technology.

Conclusion: as you have read, plenty of reasons to vote for Synergo-vhp. We thank you in advance for your trust.

If you want more information... please contact Renaat Hennus (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), or one of the other candidates.