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News Mai 31st: A negotiation result was reached - CLA result at DSM

Early this morning DSM and the unions  Synergo vhp, FNV, de Unie en CNV Vakmensen reached a negotiation result for a new Collective Labour Agreement  (CLA).

 The headlines of the result:

Duration and salaryincrease

The new CLA is valid untill march 31 2020. On  the first of July 2018 and on the first of July 2019 there will be a structural salaryincrease of 3%. In July 2018 you will also receive a payment (one-off) of  1,5% of your yearly income.

Share option plan

It became very clear that the share option plan is very popular. This plan will be continued without any changes.

We agreed on proposals regarding generationpolicy and regarding modernisation and simplification of the Cla. You find here the common statement (draft) of DSM and the unions (unfortunately only in Dutch).

A thank you

We could not reach the result without your support. Thank you for this!

How to proceed?

It’s up to you to vote and to accept or to reject the result. Next week we will provide you with information how to vote. We also plan to organize meetings to inform you about the result and to answer your questions. We will inform you also next week about the date and location of the meetings.


With kind regards,

Margot Theunisse, Henk Janssen en Casper Vaandrager

Negotiationteam Synergo Vhp at DSM


News April 09th   No more negotiations CLA as a result of a poor offer from DSM

The current results of DSM are extremely good. The forecast 2019 and further are positive also. Nevertheless is DSM not willing to offer a reasonable increase of salary.

Unfortunately we have to inform you that after 2 months of intensive negotiations the consultations with DSM about the CLA (collective labor agreement) ended prematurely. DSM did not want to increase their insufficient offer. Unions and DSM concluded that further negotiations would not lead to an agreement.

In the weeks ahead the unions will consult the employees of DSM about the next steps. We of Synergo VHP will organize a webinar Thursday 12th of April at 12.00h and 19.30h. Invitations are send. Colleagues who are no member of Synergo-VHP can also join the webinar. Please forward the invitation.


Kind regards,

Margo Theunisse, Henk Janssen and Casper Vaandrager

Negotion delegation Synergo-VHP with DSM


 The facts

Unions demanded a CLA for 1 year, DSM offered 3% for 1.5 year.

Compared to 1 year this means:





3.25% per 1 juli 2018 with full    compensation for the first 6 months of 2018

2% per 1 july 2018 plus lumpsum 0.5%

per 1 may 2018

Options Scheme



Lumpsum 750 euro fort he options 2018.

Increase of  My Choice  2019 and further:

1.5% C32-C36, 1% C37-C41,   0.5% C42-C44

Average increase of salary in CLA-season 2018 in March: 2.7%  and rising (source: werkgeversorganisatie AWVN).


Latest News: Negotiations CLA DSM to be continued

On march 26 en 27 DSM and trade unions negotiated about a new collective labor agreement (CLA). There are still great differences between the parties. DSM and the unions have the intention to get a result in the next two weeks. On April 4 and 5 the talks will be continued.

January 30 2017

Each year Synergo-vhp organizes a genuine Commonsdebate on thriving statements, aiming at finding the right Synergo-vhp direction.

The 2017 Commonsdebate will be addressing the selfconsious individual acting from the viewpoint: 'i manage my own labour issue things'