Finger on the pulse

We are an organization for middle and higher educated professionals, working in chemical and technical areas. On behalf of our members we are concerned with actual developments in optimum working conditions. We do this for every generation and for every phase in your career. What you need, changes with time. Also employers are not standing still. They offer opportunities and nice challenges, however it makes people vulnerable.

We are working on:

  • Good collective conditions of employment
  • Good pension conditions for each generation
  • Defensible works councils
  • Structural solutions in conflicts
  • Getting stuck negotiations mobile again by providing alternative solutions
  • Networking and political lobbying
  • Cooperation

Hand holds by a good CLA

Collective agreements like we made with employers will give hand hold. We focus on a business approach, based on a confident attitude and rational considerations. We participate in CLA negotiations for over 45 years. Our members influence the working conditions at big employers like DSM, SABIC, Arlanxeo, Stamicarbon, OCI, Borealis, ChemecaInvest and Sitech.


Besides the in negotiations with employers we participate in several umbrella organizations like Union for Professionals (VCP), and through this in SER and Stichting van de Arbeid, two advisory boards for the Dutch government. By cooperating with VHP2, the Union for higher educated professionals in the technical area, we can offer our members more and better services. For instance coaching or mediation.