Our vision: an optimal working environment

We see the wellbeing of employees in every stage of their career as key for a healthy organization. The opposite is true as well in that a healthy organization contributes to the wellbeing and professional development of employees. For an optimal working environment there needs to be a coherence between the two factors.

We contribute to that coherence as independent and professional partner in dialogue for every career development stage. We translate this into specific and practical measures for the working conditions and subsequently verify the outcome. Now and in the future.

Our mission: sustainability of human capital

Collectively we influence the employers in the Chemical and technical sector. More specifically we raise awareness of the employers for the value of human capital in the survival strength of an organization in a rapidly changing global market.

We contribute to the continuity, structure and survival rate of organizations due to our efforts in obtaining the optimal working environment. We negotiate collective working conditions and framework agreements and support the work councils through advice and counsel, mediation and training.

We also keep a finger on the pulse in the effectuation of the agreements by employers.

On an individual level we support de higher educated employees in achieving their ambitions through advice, mediation, coaching and deployment of our network.

Our board (governance) and our members are embedded in the chemical technical sector (industry) and we know it’s interest and stakes like no other.

We are committed (involved), act with integrity and full knowledge of the facts. For calmness and ease in your career amid changes.

Make use of the impact we hold, become a member!